Pre-K Program

For out Pre-K program, we take our A Beka model and teach children out to develop themselves at a more rapid pace. Our children grow through what they already know and our ability to build on their knowledge and achievements. As this century has become more focused on technology, so have we. With our Technology and Engineering programs, we teach our young kids how things work, how to solve puzzles, and the different parts of toys that make them work.

You as a parent will be able to see the progress in your child as we also work with you to maintain what they are doing at our center at your home. We believe that parental involvement is paramount to the success of their child and we will work diligently to make sure that parents have the opportunity to participate in their child’s learning process.

As your child grows, we start with a Literacy and Diversity Components of learning. These two components help develop the critical thinking and comprehension portion of your child’s mind as well as the fun and creative side. Next we move on the Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology Components that will help enhance the two components that we started with and create a mastery level of education in preparation of Kindergarten.